On Writing, Works in Progress

First submission of 2010

is away! I heard about a call for a print anthology just a little over a week before the deadline. Since they only accepted submissions via snail mail (Really?! Is it 2010 or what? Sheesh.), that gave me about three and a half days to write something between 6 and 10K.

As I do the vast majority of my writing (a safe estimate is 95%) on the weekends, that really gave me 2.5 days to do it. I set down with a handful of other authors who agreed to join me in this crazy writing schedule. The plan was for me to print all of the stories and mail them in a single international express package, thereby saving us a ton of money.

Long story short, I (alone) made it. Life has a way of fucking things up and stories became too long or too complex or whathaveyou. The craziest part of this is that afterward, I wrote my blurb in less than 10 minutes. The Best. Blurb. Ever. And you know what? Because it was going on a query letter that I wrote while at the EDJ (evil day job, for those of you not in the know), I forgot to save it!! ARGGGHHHH!!! Anyway, here’s my attempt at remembering what I said.

Executive chef Keira Bradley knows the recipe to a great erotic encounter. Take one insanely gorgeous man with a sexy Southern accent who goes by the name of Emory Dawson; then add in a dismal sex life. Stir in an office, after hours. Sprinkle with a generous amount of kink involving food and kitchen implements and voila! Instant masterpiece.

WITH A CHERRY ON TOP is a BBW, IR erotic romance. Wish me luck!