Gripes, Makes you go hmmm...

Frakking hell

I wrote a pirate yesterday to ask why he felt the need to offer my book for free to the public. I really was curious. His answer was asinine at best.

Tell me if you can spot the many, many, MANY flaws in his logic:

“What illegal books, they have been paid for, its kind of like a library you go get your book read it return it they buy it once like me or maybe they buy two copies, do you really expect some kind of resale fee or something on books I have purchased,  thats not going to happen and why should it, ford doesn’t get a cut on a second hand car.. and the library doesn’t charge for it service, but it does pay its staff.

I don’t re-sell any novels at all, my purchases are made available to others for FREE download.

Most downloads come from countries that have purchase restrictions on them, people in East Asia and South America are forbidden to buy new novels from the USA Many novels aren’t even available in Europe… Publishers are the demons of the book world not the people that buy the books. or the people that would buy if given the opportunity.

I only receive payments for my time maintaining the Blog and to PURCHASE new novels, so that you can earn your royalties and eat.”

What. The. Fuck?

I’ll be sending him a bill for each and every download from his site…so that I can, as he puts it, earn my royalties and eat.