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Fried Chicken Tenders – Loribelle Hunt

It’s almost summer in the South. (Well, were I live it’s been summer for a month lol!) That means lots of grilling, and of course, fried chicken. This is easy to make and something my kids are guaranteed to eat.

~ ~ ~

You’ll need:

1 pound chicken tenders

Self rising flour

3 eggs

Vegetable oil


2 large bowls

Deep frying pan

Put oil in pan about 3 inches deep. Add the eggs, beaten, in one bowl and put flour in a second. Soak the tenders in egg, dredge through the flour, and then repeat. Once the chicken is prepared drop in hot oil. Cook 10 minutes or until crispy. Remove and lay on paper towels. Salt to taste.




When her marriage ended, Abby retreated into herself to lick her wounds and rebuild her life. She’s found satisfaction and some success writing, and she’s happy. Mostly. Who wouldn’t welcome a little R&R?

Her favorite fantasy and many of her stories revolve around two men modeled after real life werewolf twins Rule and Lawe. When two of her friends talk her into participating in a local auction, fantasy and reality begin to mix. Rest and relaxation never felt so good, but is reality more than she bargained for?

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Loribelle is a former Army MP who traded in her combat boots for motherhood, flip flops, and all the Diet Coke she can drink. (She almost misses the combat boots.) She’s the author of more than 20 books none of which her children are allowed to read. Ever. Visitor her website or for information on new releases.