Cobblestone, Coming Soon, New Releases

Good things come in threes

Of course, by now you know that Soldier released this past Friday. And you also know that I received a contract for Career Opportunities. Well, yesterday, I received another contract for The Fallen!!

The Fallen will be released by Cobblestone Press under their Wicked erotica line. It is a very, very dark tale about a fallen angel who seduces a woman into doing some things she normally would not do. The ending is so wickedly corrupt that I have plans to write a sequel just to try to redeem our dark “hero”. If you’re looking for sweet, this ain’t the story for you.

And speaking of dark, do you think that what a writer prefers to write about is in line with their true personality? I’ve been vowing to edit a Christmas romance for weeks now and I cannot seem to find the mood to do so. Instead, I am finding ways to twist current works in progress into stories that make your eyebrows shoot up. I added two sentences to Dark Forest Nights before I subbed it that echo in my mind still. Pure evil, I tell ya.

I guess it’s like when you get in the mood for one of those movies that make you pull out a box of Kleenex and you consciously choose to watch it, knowing what kind of blubbering mess it’ll make you. Right now, my train of thought has entered strange and forbidden woods. You might want to bring along a flashlight and a weapon if you care to ride.