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Guest blogger: Selena Blake – To plump or not to plump

It is my great honor to have Selena Blake here with us today. Y’all, this woman writes some wickedly hot reads. Be sure to head over to her web site and check out her Stormy Weather series….


To Plump or Not to Plump by Selena Blake

I recently saw an online add for a product that will plump up your lips. There were two pictures, before and after. Let me just say that the before looked so much better than the after. The after shot of the woman’s lips looked more like she’d been in a fight with a mad hornet, and lost.

The ad for the product irritated me just a little. Why is it that manufacturers think women need products to perk, plump, lift and lengthen? Are women that vain? Do we feel the need to look like Barbie dolls? No offense, Barbie.

I understand that there’s an image projected on women. We see size zero models and are told “they’re beautiful.” But guess what, they’re not. Have you looked at those toothpick supermodels? They don’t look healthy. They’re usually not all that pretty. They’re tall and thin. That’s it.

Beauty is a full figured woman not ashamed of her curves. Beauty is lipgloss on the lips God gave you. Beauty is a classic outfit, a woman who takes pride in her appearance and is confident about how she looks, not feeling the need to change.

I’ve heard the argument before that everyone in a romance novel is beautiful, perfect. And while that’s not true, it is true to the characters in the book. Think about it. Your mate is attractive. You were attracted to them. They may not be on the list of the 50 most beautiful people, but I bet to you, your mate is one of the most attractive people you know. Maybe it’s his smile. Maybe it’s her eyes when she’s looking at you.

I guess my point is, if it’s true love, the other person won’t care if your lips are plump. They won’t care that your eye lashes are long and clump free. They’ll be looking at you, the person that you are inside and out. No product is going to make you more attractive on the inside…no matter what the advertisement claims.

Selena Blake is the bestselling author of the Stormy Weather series. She writes paranormal romance and contemporary erotic suspense. Learn more about her, her books, and her latest contests at .