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Guess who offered me a contract today

You have to guess. No fair scrolling down and scanning my post for the answer. I want you to stop, take a moment to reflect, and then think about what would be best for Dee. There are so many good publishers out there, and I’ve had a wonderful experience with mine. I encourage everyone who wants to write to do so! Follow your dream…

Wait. Am I losing you here?

Oh, fine.

So this past April (just bear with me here a minute, would ya? Sheesh. So impatient.) Anyway, as I was saying, this past April at the Romantic Times convention, women I respect kept dropping this particular name. I’d never heard of this person before (sorry–I live in a shell), but people twittered in her path. (Can you believe it? Twittered! I know!!) Anyway, after a day or two I made a decision. At the publisher spotlight, I walked right up to the editor-in-chief, held out my hand and looked her in the eye. “Hi,” I said. “My name is Dee Carney. I want you to be able to put a face to the name.”

Arrogant, aren’t I? *shrug*

Four months later, ladies and gentleman, I received my first contract at her publishing house. Which house, you’re still wondering? (Probably shrieking) Well, Morgan Sierra wrote a kinky little tale about a woman with a naughty bdsm fantasy…and Ellora’s Cave has decided they want to publish it.

Go me.