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Guest Blogger – Kerrianne Coombes

I am here to celebrate my new release called ‘The one That Got Away’ And as part of the celebration, I am offering one commenter a chance to win a copy of the novella.

I had the idea of The One That Got Away when I was watching a T.V programme, and it made me wonder what it must be like to live your life in the shadow of a lost love.

Would the thought of that person be with you constantly? Or would you—in the end—get over it? Is the heart fickle? Is the saying ‘out of sight—out of mind’ true when it comes to love? I will never know for sure, because I married my first love, and no one has ever matched up to him.

But it made me explore the reasons why two people might not look for each other, if they always thought about that person—and the love they lost. In my mind, I think, surely, if you always thought about that person, that you would at least contact them, just to say ‘hi’ just to know that they are happy. But what if there was a reason why you felt that you couldn’t? What if something had happened that stopped you from taking that decision?

And that is how my book was born…

Cammy, is a woman who started life with confidence and dreams, only to be knocked down by life, until, her dreams seem to be impossible. And William is a man who has just about done everything—including throw himself into a career, just to forget Cammy.  Both, never really moving on from the time they shared together.

Both, desperate and alone.

When I wrote this book, I fell in love with the characters, I liked them and wanted them to have their happily ever after…


When William Adams is forced to return to his home village to bury his drunk, violent father, memories of his first love rise. Driven from his childhood home at eighteen, William had begged his girlfriend Cammy, to go with him. With only a bag of clothes and a twenty pound note, he had nothing to offer her, except his love and devotion. When she refused to flee with him, Will was crushed. He left his town and his first love and vowed never to return.

Ten years later, regret and unfinished business force him to rescind his vow.

Camilia Jones, pub owner and bitter singleton is stuck in a rut. Constantly hurt by the popular misconception that she is miserable and surly, and not able to move past the attack that ruined her life and left her permanently scarred. She is tired, broken and utterly alone. When William Adams, the man who stole her heart arrives back in the village, Cammy feels her old self come back to life

Thanks Kerrianne for offering up a copy of your book for a lucky commenter. So if you’re reading this, get to commenting! Contest closes April 27th.