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Ham Steak – Eleri Stone


Fun fact: Iowa is the #1 pork producing state in the United States. Go us! This time of year, we grill like crazy so I thought I’d share one of our favorites.


Ham Steak

In a saucepan, heat until well-blended:

1/2 cup brown sugar

1/4 cup horseradish (Coarse ground horseradish, not the creamy sauce. I personally like a little more
horseradish, about 1/3 cup but since this is my husband’s recipe…)

1/4 cup lemon juice

Let it cool to thicken up a bit.

Score the ham steak, grill until nearly done and then brush sauce over the steak.

Easy, easy, easy. And delicious! And cheap! The new pork slogan is “Pork: Be inspired” and clearly you can see why. Here’s a picture of my husband preparing the steak.

There’s really no way to make that pretty, is there? See the horseradish sauce in the background. DON’T BUY THAT SAUCE. I bought the wrong kind and had to run out to the store for the real stuff.

DemonCrossings_Eleri Stone



Private investigator Grace tracks a kidnapped child to middle-of-nowhere Iowa. Encountering a strange creature she knows can’t be a local animal, she doesn’t need her psychic abilities to figure out the sleepy town is not what it seems. When she meets the intriguing Aiden, she’s plunged into a world of Norse gods and fire demons where the Wild Hunt still rides the night.

Aiden needs Grace’s help to cross the portal between worlds and rescue his daughter. Grace is unlike any woman he’s ever met. He’s drawn to her courage, distressed by her vulnerability and doubtful of her motives. But he knows that her visions are the key to defeating the enemy and bringing everyone home alive.

Grace wants a future with Aiden, even if it means she’ll never have a normal life. When a test run to the portal takes a terrifying turn, they must learn to finally trust each other or Aiden’s daughter, and their chance at love, will be lost forever…