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Help a baker out…be immortalized

(Perhaps immortalized is too strong a word, but I digress…) This post has absolutely nothing to do with writing or even hot men, so if that’s what you’re looking for, go back now.

I’m actually here today to beg, plead, grovel at your feet for something that has been eluding me for years. Those who know me know I love to cook and bake. Yesterday as I was procrastinating writing (hee!), I scoured the internet for yet another chocolate chip cookie recipe. I discarded recipe after recipe. None of them seemed to have exactly what I’m looking for. My criteria? Not that bad, I assure you. Here’s what I want: big, flat, soft and chewy. (With the exception of soft, pretty much describes how I like my men too. *snort*) Any hoo…anybody out there got a recipe you care to part with that will meet my criteria? I’m desperate, I tell ya. Desperate!

If someone has a secret recipe they are willing to give me, I’ll not only put your name on the dedication line on the first book in the Craft of the Wise series, I’ll even name a character after you in one of the books. That’s not a bad trade. C’mon! I’ve got a whole bag of gourmet chocolate chips just itching to be used.