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Naughty New Year Blog Hop

I have a New Year’s confession to make. Ready?

Come closer. I’m going to whisper, so lean in close.


I love, love, love BDSM romances.

Whew! There! My soul is cleansed. My guilty pleasure read is unleashed into the cruel, cruel world and it’s no longer a secret. I’m not into the uber-alpha-billionaire-alpha-male who uses a safeword like “kumquat” or the manly-man-twue-Doms who discipline their subs over the slightest infraction or any of the other million BDSM romance stereotypes. No…what I love are the romances of Doms who truly romance their subs through pain twisted in pleasure. In subs who find their fulfillment in that Dom who reaches into her soul to find the inner vixen buried deep.

So for this year, I’m going to do a lot more reading of BDSM romance. You tell me…what are your guilty pleasure reads or what type of book do you plan on reading more of in 2013? All commenters are eligible to win a $100 gift card to Eden’s Fantasy and 10 erotica books from the Blog Hop. From me, one lucky commenter will win any book from my backlist. (Don’t forget to leave your email addy with your comment!)

Good luck…