Coming Soon, Cover Reveal

New Cover for Cravings

I’m baaaaaack! I took a writing (author, everything) break there for a while, but I’m back in full swing and to celebrate my return, let’s take a look at the new cover for Cravings. I was going to do a cover reveal blog thingy, but a) it was too much work and b) I’m kind of sick of seeing other people do it. So, since I insist on marching to the beat of my own drum….ta daaaaa!!


Oh. Did you want to read the official blurb for it while you’re here? Well, fine. Here goes…

The best chef wins…but their hearts could lose the prize.

Close to the Heat, Book 2

Chef Lee Solomon is so going down.

How dare he call a tow truck on Chef Ginger Danielle’s customers just because they might have been parked in front of his restaurant while dining at hers? So what if he’s gorgeous, successful, and a master of gourmet cuisine, it doesn’t mean he can do as he pleases.

When he suggests they settle their differences with an underground cooking competition, Ginger is all in. Her feel-good comfort food against his fancy fare? Game on!

Lee has tried to ignore how badly he wants to see Ginger in his bed, but he’s finished fighting it. Their antagonism—and their mutual lust—is at an all-time high; when it comes to this particular battle, he has no intention of losing. He’s set on seducing the petite chef, no matter what the cost to his profession.

But when it comes right down to it, his pride whispers that there can only be one winner. Does he give up the competition… or give up the girl?

Warning: Features a dirty talking chef, thousand-calorie recipes, and a very private menu of delicious seductions.

Cravings will be available January 7, 2014 from Samhain Publishing, but it’s available for pre-order at AMZ and B&N now.