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New Release: Letting Go

My latest release is here! Letting Go is an emotionally charged menage involving two best friends and the ghost keeping them apart. If you like angst, this is the book for you. My heart broke for Nadine and Kane while I told their story. I hope you enjoy.

Kane has to convince his best friend Nadine of two things. First, it’s time for her to stop mourning her deceased fiancé. Second – and most importantly – Kane has fallen in love with her.

Nadine knows if she can move past Justin’s death, the tentative feelings she’s denying Kane will blossom. Only she can’t seem to move on. Desperate, she turns to a psychic for help so she can say the final goodbyes she’d been denied years before.

For one night, Kane, Nadine and Justin will face the grief threatening to break down a friendship and turn to a love that will make them whole again.

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