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Nightmares! Oh My!

For the past two nights I’ve had a doozy of a dream – part I and part II. You know, the kind of dream that when you finally wake up, you can feel your heart hammering in your chest. The kind that makes you wonder if you’ll be able to fall back asleep…EVER. In very loose terms, it was similar to those old “Invasion of the Body Snatcher” type movies. And in my dreams, hardly anyone makes it out alive. Heck. I can’t remember if I make it out alive. lol.

Make lemonade out of lemons I always say.

I’ve jotted down the basic premise for a story based on those dreams. Somehow I’ll try to turn the adrenaline rush into something sexy too. We’ll see what we see. Right now, I have so many story ideas running around my little brain that my fingers can’t keep up with the necessary typing. And this from the person who only a few days ago couldn’t find the motivation to write. Such is life.

And on a personal note, if you’re an adult who is told that you need braces, of course, by all means get them. But if your orthodontist tells you it will only be for two years – HE LIES. June of ’08 marks three years that I’ve had these suckers on. But the good news is that June 3rd of this year, these puppies are coming off!! Oh yeah!