Now we’re cooking with Crisco!

Am I dating myself by using that phrase? Anyway, if you’ve tried to access my new (lovely, fantabulous, awesome, spenduperific) web site in the last few days, you may have noticed that it wasn’t working. Well, thanks to my technical support (so to speak), we’re back to cooking with Crisco. Ain’t it gorgeous?

And no, the lady at the top isn’t me. I just thought she was purty. And exotic. And a whole lot erotic. Hmm. That sounds familiar. Wonder where I heard it before? 😀

Does this web site signify that I’m officially a writer now? Criminy. By now you would think something would! I vowed I wouldn’t spend a penny (see post on seven things. I’m damn cheap if you’ve forgotten.) on a web site until I’ve actually seen a return. Well, no. I haven’t seen a financial return (simply because the statement isn’t in yet. dum-dum-duummmmm!). What I have seen is an investment in the number of people who are interested in me and my ramblings and moreso, my stories. So, thanks dear reader for keeping up with me and my growing pains.

I look forward to experiencing many more with you.