New Releases, Story Ideas

Number one? Me?

People often ask authors where they get their story ideas. (Bear with me for a minute, this is going somewhere. Trust me.)  Whenever I get stuck on a plot point or need to get the creative juices going, I take my dogs for a walk. They’re both not very people-friendly so to avoid anyone else trying to get some exercise in, I walk them late at night. Usually about 10 pm or later. Around the corner from my house on a cul-de-sac is a forest. In the middle of said forest is a lake. Walking by the very same forest 10pm at night is spooky. It gets downright terrifying when your two dogs are pulling at their leashes to get at whatever it is that might be staring at you from inside the forest. On yet another night of keeping them reigned in, I thought about that.

My book, Dark Forest Nights , was born.

Now, here’s the good part. I sent DFN to four publishers who all turned it down. I then sent it to another publisher who didn’t get back to me with a decision after 10 weeks of waiting. A little annoyed at the wait (because they said they would respond in four), I sent it off to a relatively new publisher with a creative business model.

Four days after its release, it’s their number one seller at Fictionwise .

My sincerest thanks to eXcessica for taking a chance on this book and for my readers, who are my reasons for writing.