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Oreo Pudding Pie – Sasha Devlin

In my younger years I didn’t enjoy most store bought sweets and early on became the dessert queen in our family. This meant that I learned to make things that I didn’t actually like the taste of, but the rest of the family did. One of the simplest recipes — takes more time than effort — is a huge hit with the family. I take it when I need a quickly made, high impact dessert.

~ ~ ~

One package Oreos

One package of Vanilla Instant Pudding

And milk or water (this depends on the Pudding package instructions which you will be following)

-Open the package of Oreos. Take three rows of cookies and put them into a plastic bag.  (Here’s the fun part). Use a rolling pin — or I’ve even done it with a hammer — and crush the cookies to crumbles. It’s entirely up to you how fine you want it, but I tend to pound them until they are like the size of feta cheese crumbles.

-Press these into a pie pan. Because of the cream filling this will stick to the edges more than you’d think and you’ll have enough to go around though you won’t think you will

-Mix the vanilla pudding per the instructions on the package. Pour into the Oreo crust.

-Take the last row of Oreos, put them in the bag and crush them up. I tend to leave these in bigger chunks.  Pour these on top of the pudding.

-Refrigerate. My aunt, who I got the recipe from, generally refrigerates per the pudding packaging instructions, but I like to hedge my bets and tend to chill it for at least 2 hours.




Daniel Rich and Kaitlyn Dow have been friends for fifteen years, and playing an increasingly outlandish game of Truth or Dare for nearly as long. In love with her friend for longer than she’d like to admit, Kaitlyn prefers to hide in the safety of truths she can guide away from embarrassing secrets. While ladies’ man Daniel can’t help but push Kaitlyn’s boundaries with bolder, sexier dares every chance he gets in hopes that he can finally get his friend to notice how he feels.

With her bed-and-breakfast overbooked, the two are forced to spend the night together. Under the twinkle of Christmas lights and the temptation of mistletoe, Daniel is ready to move their relationship to the next level. Kaitlyn suspects he’s still playing a game, and resigns herself to a one-night stand. But she’ll soon learn that Daniel is willing to risk any dare to get Kaitlyn to see the truth—that they belong together.

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