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Pizza Pasta – Lexie Donovan

It’s pasta that tastes like pizza! This is a great meal for using leftovers and always tastes great no matter what you throw in it.

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You’ll need:

Pasta (fusilli is the best for this meal but you can use any kind)


Tomato Paste (or tomato puree)a

Garlic Paste (if desired)



Pineapple chunks

Boil enough pasta for every person you’re feeding.

Once you’ve drained it add one tablespoon of butter, two tablespoons of tomato paste (If you don’t have this, half a tin of tomato puree will work) Add garlic paste.

Mix well so all the pasta is coated.

Put in your desired "toppings". I usually have salami, pineapple and lots of cheese, but you can use anything you like. Mix it all together and add a sprinkle of parsley on top and serve.


In the Park



All the email said was, “No looking, no touching and no underwear. See you at the park.” It was going to be a wild night….

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