Proud to be an American

On the eve of Barack Obama’s inauguration, I am overwhelmed by a sense of pride. I am so proud of him for being this nation’s first black President. I am so proud of this country for seeing past skin color to do what is best for the country. I have nothing but the best wishes for this man and pray fervently he will have the strength to take us where we need to go. He has a long road ahead of him and despite his desire to do move mountains, he will face an uphill battle to move us forward. I am saying this now because in four years if the miracles we need are not apparent, there will be plenty of people anxious to be the first to say he should have never been voted President.

I’ll tell you what, no matter what ends up happening, right here, right now – I. Am. Proud.

Congratulations Barack and Michelle Obama. God Bless.