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Quick Update

1. Hunger Aroused (book 1) in on sale for $0.99. So is Hunger Awakened (book 2). Why get them now? So you can be call caught up when Hunger Untamed releases in March 2016. I also have no idea how long this sale will last so get in on it now while you can.

1a. This series is getting a brand new set of covers which I’ll be showing off soon. I am in love with them!

2. Although I should be working on the next book in the Fire Creek Shifters series, I’m working on a guardian angel series that’s been burning my brain for a few years now.

3. I’ll be participating in a few boxed sets next year, so there a few stories brewing there. One is a familiar one from a few years ago about a food reviewer and a bad boy chef. Be on the lookout for that!

4. #batdog continues to give me gray hair.

5. Every once in a while I think about putting aside my writing career. And then one of you amazing people senses a disturbance in the air and sends me a tweet or letter that totally turns that thinking around. Thank you.