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Rainbow Fruit Salad – JL Hilton

This is a no-cook recipe because the alien Glin in my Stellarnet Series never use fire. They are hunter gatherers who eat raw fish, seeds, fruits, roots, insects and occasionally raw meat.
To find the ingredients, visit your favorite farmer’s market or produce section and select one fruit of each color. Some fruits such as grapes, cherries, plums and apples come in a variety of colors.

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Red – watermelon, raspberries, pomegranate, strawberries
Orange – oranges (of course!), peaches, tangerines, apricots, cantaloupe, grated carrot
Yellow – banana, starfruit (aka “carambola,” sometimes green), mango
Green – kiwi, honeydew
Blue – blueberries
Purple – grapes, blackberries
At home, wash, dry, peel and/or cut up the fruit. Mix together in one giant bowl.

How to easily cut a mango:
How to easily remove pomegranate seeds:
Keep it healthy – no need for sugar, ice cream or whipped topping. Tastes great without it, and full of fiber, vitamins and antioxidants. Enjoy!
My family also loves rainbow salad (tomatoes, yellow peppers, carrots, lettuce, bleu cheese dressing and cabbage or red leaf lettuce) or rainbow soup, with boiled veggies of all colors.



Her alien lovers call her J’ni, the sacred flower of their world. The Glin call her Truth Teller, one of the magical human travelers from beyond the sky ocean. But humanity calls her Genevieve O’Riordan, interstellar blogger, Net celebrity — and sometimes “unnatural whore.”
When J’ni brings her husband Belloc and her soulmate — rebel gunrunner turned ambassador — Duin from Asteria Colony, the two are the first aliens to set foot on Earth. But they might be the last. While they work to ally their planet with the United Nations, join the Stellarnet and restore the water stolen by Tikati invaders, dangerous secrets threaten to spark a new war and tear their relationship apart.

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