Contest, Gripes

Remember the contest where

I sent Nocturne Bites a pitch with the hopes of winning a (quick(er)) read of my story? This one. I didn’t win. They even had a hard time picking and instead of five people, went with seven. Still didn’t make it into the picks. There were, IIRC, over 70 entries.

So what did I do? I went ahead and sent them my story, anyway. After four months of waiting, I called up their offices (very nice, people…well, except that one lady) and got to speak with Ms. Tuttle, the editor over there. She very politely and kindly told me yeah, no. But thanks.

I’ve since sent COLD BLOODED out to one of my current publishers for consideration. Keep checking back to see if they want it. In the meanwhile, here’s what I entered:

Commander Davana Black hates being in the human realm, but when two rogue demon juveniles make it their place of hiding, it’s her job to go in and retrieve them. If she’d had just the slightest clue she’d end up feeling the mating call of her kind while there, she might have requested a different assignment. Things only go from bad to worse when she discovers it’s a human male who sparks the rush of emotion…and worse still, other demons have picked up their connection and made him a target. Now, not only must she contend with finding the juveniles, somehow she has to fight nature’s call to him while reluctantly keeping him alive.

Quinn McVey never thought much of his heritage until the day the raven-haired beauty drags his family’s tragic secret into the light of day. It is because of it, and the lure she has on him, his once dull life is thrust into a battle between warring demon factions. In the frenzy of trying to stay one step ahead of their pursuers, he’ll do whatever it takes to convince the Commander he’s worthy of her…and her love.

I still think it’s pretty good. Hmph.