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Review: Passion

This Cleis anthology, edited by Rachel Kramer Bussell is steamy!

Whew! Before I get to the review, here’s a trailer for it.

Y’all, I’ll confess that I’m a naughty hostess who totally meant to read the entire book before today. (Sorry Rachel) I’m on page 83 of 226 and will tell you this, as of right now, there are three stories in this book that made my toes curl and my hair sizzle. No lie!

Big-Bed Sex by Donna George Storey is the first story in this antho and wow! What a way to kick things off. When you read something this hot, you know it’s going to be good from there on out!

The Silver Belt by Lana Fox was full of whoa and awesome. I mean, dayum. This is the kind of push the envelope piece that totally got to me. (I’m so on the look out for more from this author.)

The Five Senses by Rachel Kramer Bussel. As someone who’d written her own piece about the five senses (my story totally flopped, btw), I couldn’t help but admire how someone could make those five simple senses so incredibly erotic. You try to make “smell” sexy–not likely to happen.

Want a peak of your own? Head on over to from the comfort of your own home (you can read a few pages of what’s inside!), or check it out at your local bookseller. I’m telling you, 83 pages in and I know it’s worth the price.