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Review: Sunday by Kaia Bennett

This weekend while looking at what’s going on with new publishing houses, I happened across one that specializes in interracial romance. Naturally curious, I gravitated towards their free reads section and on a whim, chose Gabriel by Kaia Bennett . Since this is not a review of Gabriel, I won’t bother to say how much ‘OMG’ doesn’t even cover it. Go check it out for yourself.

On to Sunday

The price of Sunday is off-putting to say the least. NINE dollars. NINE! Being the reigning queen of cheap, y’all have to know how much it hurt to purchase this book anyway (or it gives you an idea of how curious I was about the story after reading Gabriel), but I digress. I should mention in their defense, the book is over 500 pages long.

Are y’all awake and reading this cuz seriously…Sunday is hands-down, the hottest book I’ve ever read. And folks, I’ve read a lot.

For the first four chapters, my eyebrows did not come down ONCE. My jaw dropped open somewhere on page two and stayed that way. I’ve never said "OH MY GOD" out loud as many times reading any other book as I did that one.

Heads up: Kaia weaves over the fine line of forced seduction like a drunkard asked to walk the line on the side of the road, but it comes off as HAWT. Somewhere in the beginning, I remember asking myself out loud if authors were allowed to do what she does! lol. (It’s not that bad, but dayum, does it come close.)

As project partners, Flynn and Gia can’t stand being around each other…her nerdish ways; his slacker ones. Except they do have the hots for each other. When Flynn ‘convinces’ her of how she feels, the sparks start to fly and simply do not stop. Nevermind that she already has a boyfriend.

Flynn is beyond hot (the cover for the book doesn’t hurt the mental image I get of him either. I mean, have you seen the tattoo on that man-titty? I just want to lick it!). Gia is cute and waffles a bit about what she wants but when she does figure it out, watch out there now!

Without a doubt, Kaia Bennett has a new fan over here. I can’t wait to read more.

Sunday is available from Wicked Women of Color .