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Robbing a bank

Last week I got into a huge argument with the customer service people of the bank I’ve been with for sixteen years. SIXTEEN years. You would think that would get me a little courtesy. Nope. Nothing doing. So guess what? Besides shutting down that account, now I’m going to rob a bank.

Before you go siccing the FBI on me, I’m talking about in my next story! Although this incident with my bank is actually kind of coincidental (because I’d already started working with three other authors on the Den of Iniquity series (see my progress meters) – more on the series later). But, boy did they give me a great personal reason for a bank robbery. And so off to Google I went: How to rob a bank; Bank robberies; Bank plans; Bank blueprints; FBI archives; Spy equipment…

And then it struck me. If anyone is monitoring my internet activity, I’m dead meat.

So I decided I’d better publicly announce my intention to write a story (and not actually plan in real life) about a bank heist. If the internet had existed in J. Edgar Hoover’s time, writers would still be rotting in jail cells. So tell me, if I ran a history on your Google or Wikipedia activity, what kind of stuff would I find there? Any of it have the potential for jail time? lol.