Saturday Status

Saturday Status: April 25, 2015

What I’m Doing:

I turned in the final manuscript of my werewolf series to my editor this past week. The first book has a name, TAMING HER WOLF, and the series is called FIRE CREEK SHIFTERS. I also have a cover! Can’t wait to show it to you. I sent my editor a revised synopsis a few days later and in rewriting it, boy howdy did I see how much the book changed from what I’d pitched to what I’d actually written.

I should have turned around and immediately started working on the third in the VAMPIRE HUNGER series, but I’m pooped! I worked hard on Taming Her Wolf and need a few days to recoup. Then I’ll start on HUNGER UNTAMED. Promise.

That being said, I’ve already started writing my hospital serial and I need to light a match under my butt about that one too. I’m attending a reader event next month and would like to be able to have the first book ready in time for it. We’ll see.

What I’m Reading:

I went on an R. Lee Smith binge and read not only Heat, but also Cottonwood. What I absolutely love about her books are how they don’t even come close to being the traditional romance. Heat, for example, is EXTREMELY violent with graphic depictions of rape and murder right smack dab in the middle of two polar opposite romances. The hero is given a heroine and so is the bad guy!

Favorite Tweet of the Week:

@SashaDevlin is a hoot. A HOOT. If you’re not following her yet, you’re missing out.

Favorite Tweet

What Else is New:

I’m buying a house! So, in between plotting and writing, I’m saving ideas for the kitchen and bathroom renovations that’ll be happening. To see what I like, come find me on Pinterest.

What else is new with you? Holla in the comments