S’awful quiet around here

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Ok, so I’ve been avoiding this blog like the plague. I won’t lie about it. I started a new day job almost three months ago and since then, it takes every extra ounce of energy I have to write. Not because I don’t want to write, but because I’m so freakin’ tired when I get home. But I’ve been doing it by trudging through sheer exhaustion (insert violin music here), juggling paying the bills, walking the dogs and navigating my hour-long drive each way to work to come home so that I can crank out more books. (We haven’t discussed making dinner, cleaning house, doing laundry, etc., etc., etc..) For those with the sage advice of "write in the morning!", let me tell you this — it ain’t gonna happen. I’m *not* a morning person.

Those who follow me on Twitter know I’ve received a couple of contracts lately. Those contracts have led to requests – in one form or another – for more books.  So my poor little vamp/werewolf book, (still unnamed because I’m too tired to come up with something decent) has been lingering near the finish line. Just about 3K to go on that puppy. So close I can taste it! But I have three books that need to be written for three different publishers and they consume my thoughts. Thank goodness none of the pubs are pounding on my door (yet) for them, but I don’t like the idea of triplicate monkeys on my back, so I spend spare moments (the very few of them) plotting.

So, if you catch me on IM and I’m a little curt, please don’t take it personally. Somehow I’ve managed to get to this weird place where every second is precious as I have so little of them to spare. What I really need is for you to offer up a cookie, bring me another cup of coffee and/or sit down and write with me.