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Sinful Pumpkin Tiramisu – Taryn Kincaid

So how about some luscious and creamy tiramisu with an autumnal twist? It’s no bake, and so unbelievably simple, even I can make it. It’s decadently rich and sinfully sweet and will satisfy your wildest desires. Well, maybe not your wildest desires.

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Sinful Pumpkin Tiramisu
· 8 oz. mascarpone cheese

· 1 cup (1/2 of an 8 oz can) pumpkin puree (make sure you get the can of 100% pumpkin puree and not the pumpkin pie filling – they often look the same)

· 1 cup heavy whipping cream

· ½ cup sugar

· 1 tbsp. vanilla extract

· 1 tsp. cinnamon

· 1/8 tsp. nutmeg

· ¾ cup espresso or coffee (you can try this with the pumpkin spice coffees out now to make everything more pumpkin spicey, but I think they are pretty dreadful and, really, you  do want more of a coffee taste. I mean, don’t you? Set it aside until it cools to room temperature.

· 2 tbsps Tia Maria or Kahlua, dark room or other coffee liqueur. (Optional. If you don’t use it, though, you might want to add a smidge more espresso or coffee.)

· 2 packages soft lady fingers (the packages are 3 or 3.5 oz. each). They will be attached to each other in rows. Separate the rows, but do not separate the top and bottom of each  lady finger.

· 2 tsps unsweetened cocoa. (You might substitute cinnamon here, I think.)

· Combine mascarpone, pumpkin, cream, sugar, vanilla, cinnamon and nutmeg in a large bowl, beating on low until the ingredients are mixed together, then beating on high until little peaks form. Don’t overbeat.

· Combine espresso and liqueur in a cup or small bowl and set aside until room temperature.

· Arrange half of the ladyfingers in an 8-inch square baking or serving dish. Evenly slosh half of the coffee mixture over them. Slather half of the pumpkin cream mixture on top. Add another layer of lady fingers. Drizzle the rest of the coffee over them. Then add the remaining pumpkin cream on top.

· Refrigerate for a couple of hours or overnight.

· Dust with the cocoa before serving.

Makes enough for 12 and can sit in the fridge, covered, for up to 3 days.

Derek Dunne is a Cordon Bleu-trained food critic for the prestigious New York Monitor, whose scathing review of a popular Italian bistro has driven away all but the most loyal neighborhood patrons.

Lucrezia Serafina DiCicco is a clumsy business school drop-out, working as a chef and scrambling to keep her family’s restaurant afloat, after her father develops diabetes and is banned from his kitchen for his own good.

Now, with The Monitor folding, Derek is searching for his next career path and longing to get back to his first love—cooking—while Lu is desperate for an influx of cash to save the struggling restaurant…even as her father puts his foot down about non-family employees.

Derek and Lu embark on a marriage of inconvenience to save the restaurant. But can Lu ever really trust the man who nearly destroyed her family, once noted her initials spelled “LSD,” and her food was like a “bad trip?”

Or will it be their hearts on the chopping block?

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