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Six Sentence Sunday

#sixsunday is being mesmerized by a vampire, in my neverending WIP, PASSION AROUSED. I’m trying like crazy to keep y’all away from the major spoiler of the book, so there *is* a reason some of the snippets may seem a little…different.

He blended in with the night sky, only reappearing when backdropped by a contingency of stars or the bright moon. She would have loved to be lying in a field of grass, just gazing up at him as he made the sky his home.

There was a dull squeeze inside her chest as she realized this Sebastian didn’t frighten her as he probably should. That she was mesmerized and possibly intoxicated by the otherworldly beauty of the man. But he wasn’t a man any more, was he? He was a dream, scary and breathtaking and wonderful in all his majesty.

For more authors who are all pretty wonderful, please visit the official Six Sentence Sunday site here. And you know what I just realized? Today marks my 100th Six Sentence Sunday post. Whoa. Way to stick to it! 🙂