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Six Sentence Sunday

#sixsunday is sharing another passionate moment between my hero and heroine in my vampire romance, PASSION AROUSED. (Yeah, I’m pretty sure I’m ditching that title soon.)

“I love how quickly you’re ready for me,” he whispered. Pushing her backward, he knew he had to satisfy part of his urge as best he could. Alice’s legs hit the leather couch and Bast gently encouraged her to sit at its edge.

Her breath sucked in as he knelt before her, a supplicant at a goddess’s throne. It took only a moment to peel the shorts away from her long legs. And then his worship began.

For more authors who you may or may not worship, please visit the official Six Sentence Sunday site here. And y’all, don’t tell @Karla_Doyle, but I haven’t worked on this story all week. Have another one that’s much closer to being completed. Shhh… This is between you and me. 😉