Six Sentence Sunday, Works in Progress

Six Sentence Sunday

#SixSunday is taking a look at the heroine from the hero’s point of view. Lee (name subject to change) doesn’t want to be in this stupid (his word) cooking contest, but now that he’s seen Chef Ginger, maybe it’s worth hanging around for a little while.

Want to see Lee? Here’s this week’s inspirational pic.

And now, while studying the hot little number standing across the room, gifting him with quick little glances he suppose he shouldn’t have noticed, all thoughts of doing an abrupt about-face went sailing.

Short blonde hair spiked in a dozen different directions, but that didn’t detract from at least half a dozen earrings trailing along the curves of her ears. The man’s t-shirt she wore wouldn’t make him breathe a little harder by looking at it, but the lush lines of her body beneath it certainly did. And that ass—Christ, that ass! She threw out hips, thighs and ass for miles. Love at first sight…if he was the type to believe in that sort of thing

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