Six Sentence Sunday, Works in Progress

Six Sentence Sunday

#sixsunday is from my foodie romance, CLOSE TO THE HEAT 2. (Actual title still being mulled over.) I finally have a chapter one that I like and in it, poor Lee can’t cook anything without starting a fire. Here’s a little snippet, but first…Today’s inspirational pic. (You know you want to click). Click here.

A ball of orange burst into the periphery of Ginger’s vision, the sight enough to make Dan stop talking mid-breath. They both whirled as flames exploded out of a frying pan, tendrils of blue fire snaking into the air. Smoke billowed out at the same time, the pan an obvious threat to everything and everyone in its immediate vicinity.

“Don’t!” Ginger shouted at the man—the gorgeous one who’d caught her attention before. He’d grabbed a bowl and appeared to be reaching for the sink next to his cooking station.

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