Eye Candy, Six Sentence Sunday

Six Sentence Sunday

The last official #sixsunday continues from my foodie romance, CLOSE TO THE HEAT 2. Thought I’d leave you on a high note with Lee fantasizing doing more than just cooking with Chef Ginger. (And just for old time’s sake, I’m not going to make you click.)

Her breasts lifted as she took a deep breath and he fought a raging libido screaming at him to watch them. But God, what a fight. Even from a quick glance he knew they were perfectly sized. The stark white tee molded to their shape, each one little bigger than an apple. Perfect for palming, testing their weight in his hands. For licking with his tongue and feasting on as she rode him, his grip tightening on her ample hips.

For more authors who’ll make your grip tighten, for the very last time, please visit the official Six Sentence Sunday site.

Still here? Good.

I just want to give a shout out to Sara Brookes and the rest of the amazing SSS admin team for making every Sunday worth crawling out of bed for at 9am. I have been doing SSS since the very first, when there were only four of us. In all this time, I think I might have missed maybe three or four postings total. (Today marks my 145th post for #sixsunday.) When I didn’t feel like writing, SSS forced me to write at least six sentences. I hate to blog, yet SSS gave me a reason to keep this blog going. I’ll continue to post on Sundays, although there won’t be an “official” place for posters to gather. And I’ll always think fondly of how this all came to be. Thank you.