Six Sentence Sunday

#sixsunday continues for me with another post from my foodie romance, CLOSE TO THE HEAT 2. (Actual title still pending! If you have an idea or two, holla!) Here’s another contestant on the cooking show who sadly has no clue how to cook. Poor Chef Ginger will actually have to taste her creation too!

But first, mosey on over to Pinterest for a peek at something very yummy. Click here.

“It’s my version of Beef Wellington—”

Yes! Definitely misjudged her. Only the best chefs could perfect that particular dish with its flaky golden crust filled with savory, delicate beef.

“—Except instead of chicken liver pate, I use peanut butter.”

All too aware of the camera lenses trained on her, Ginger blinked, but made no other overt physical motions.

For more of this story (some parts that’ll make you blink), please come back next week for more Six Sentence Sunday.