Six Sentence Sunday

#sixsunday is learning how to cook for our very masculine hero in my foodie romance, CLOSE TO THE HEAT 2. Lee is going to do his best to win the $10,000 grand prize so that he can give the money to his brother, Eddie, who desperately needs it.

But first!!! The inspiration pic… Click here.

He took one last look at the petite chef, ignoring the way the butterflies pulled a G-force or two as he memorized her face one last time, glanced at the clock and got ready to do right by Eddie.

“I’m going to start off easy on you,” Chef Ginger announced. “The first dish you’ll learn to prepare is a simple vegetarian one.”

Lee’s stomach curdled. He existed on meat and potatoes.

“Pumpkin ravioli with a hazelnut brown butter sauce.”

For more of this story–I promise it won’t make your stomach curdle–please come back next Sunday.