Six Sentence Sunday, Works in Progress

Six Sentence Sunday

#sixsunday is trying to ignore how attracted Chef Ginger is to her protege, Lee in CLOSE TO THE HEAT 2. But it’s not working.

But first! Today’s inspirational pic can be found HERE.

Lee was achingly gorgeous. Good looking in a Levis jeans, plaid shirt rolled up at the sleeves and thick, brown steel toed construction boots kind of way. He couldn’t be mistaken for anything but all male. A masculine form that made her panties dampen.

She kept her own fingernails short for the sake of sanitation, but when he held up thick fingers, dark and rough, lined with calluses, she’d gone weak kneed. The things he could probably do to her body with those strong hands. The way they would feel against her skin.

To find out exactly how Lee’s hands feel against her skin, come back next week for more Six Sentence Sunday.