Six Sentence Sunday, Works in Progress

Six Sentence Sunday

#sixsunday is some screaming tension between my hero and heroine in CLOSE TO THE HEAT 2, my foodie WIP. Ginger hates that she’s so attracted to Lee.

Today’s inspirational photo found on Pinterest here.

A delicious shiver trailed down Ginger’s back. It traveled low, sparking bits of excitement along the way and waking up parts that shouldn’t be allowed to brighten when in Lee’s presence.

There was no denying the heat that arced between them, but she hated his prissiness, his up-in-the-air haughtiness and his general way of looking down on her. Just because she didn’t eat——or cook——things like dandelion greens topped with smoked butter beurre blanc beside Kobe beef tartare didn’t mean he outclassed her. She’d simply discovered a long time ago that there was more to life than keeping up appearances. She’d rather be simple, clean and just plain ol’ good.

More next Sunday? Probably.