Six Sentence Sunday, Works in Progress

Six Sentence Sunday

#SixSunday is from my foodie romance CLOSE TO THE HEAT 2, coming in January from Samhain Publishing. (Yes! Got the news this past week. Woot!) You might have already heard he news if you’re following me on Facebook or Twitter. Our hero Lee is obnoxiously conceited at times and unrepentant about it. Ginger is definitely going to have to knock him down a few pegs if they have a chance at being together…

But first! Some eye candy, courtesy of Pinterest. Click HERE.

“That—what we just did——was incredible for what it was and a hell of a long time in coming. Can you really blame a guy for expecting…I don’t know… ”

“Gratitude?” she asked, certain he couldn’t mean that.

His brow lifted a fraction, a little shrug of the shoulder and she knew she’d hit the nail on the head. The smug bastard hadn’t been looking for long-term. He’d been looking for a way to stroke his damned ego.

Who thinks Ginger is going to let that slide? Show of hands! Heh.

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