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Six Sentence Sunday

#sixsunday is back! (yes, again–hush.) I’ve been a bad, bad author and not writing posts, and not writing in general. So here I am again. This is book 3 in my vampire Hunger series. The heroine and hero are meeting for the first time. Neither of them know that they need in each–in not just a sexual way.

But first, courtesy of Pinterest, here’s a nice pic representative of Victor, my vampire hero… http://www.pinterest.com/pin/253116441532002090/

For that, he owed the enticing woman a small favor. Instead of giving her the answers she so obviously wanted, he dipped his head in quiet respect, turned and walked out. The biggest favor he could give.

He hadn’t yet closed the door behind him when he heard the human say, “What the hell was wrong with his face?”

While the question wasn’t the first time he’d heard it or something along its lines, what came next from the blood slave intrigued him. “I get the oddest feeling that man can help me.”

Help me, baby. Woot! Come back next week for more.