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Six Sentence Sunday

#sixsunday today is from my newest WIP–all about a particular fetish. You’ll have to keep an eye on BULL HANDLER by Morgan Sierra to find out more about which one in particular. (So, yes, if you’ve figured it out I have two WIPs going at the same time. Fetish erotica and BBW IR contemporary erom. Whew!)

“A woman should be treasured when you make love to her.” Vic spoke over her husband as if he hadn’t heard him. She could almost feel the weight of his brown eyes as if they were capable of caressing her body. “She should know what it’s like to wake up in the morning fully satisfied, between her thighs sore and swollen. Her breasts heavy and gently scraped from her lover’s use.”

Ten years of being happily married to Nils came rushing back to her in a flood of memories.

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