Six Sentence Sunday, Works in Progress

Six Sentence Sunday

#sixsunday is from my cougar WIP–and quite possibly the last from this one–entitled KEEPING PACE. I expect to have this manuscript finished by the time this post goes live. I hope you’ve enjoyed Josh and Regina.

No worries about their story coming to a close on this blog because all November long I’ll be posting snippets from my Carina Press debut, HUNGER AROUSED. Between now and then…well, we’ll just see. 😉

My appetite for him had grown to immense proportions, ready to consume us both in its intensity. So Josh stoked my urge, not by matching it, but by forcing me to endure him at his pace.

He kissed over my lips, taking his time with the exploration. No part of my mouth went untouched. Josh tugged on my bottom lip with his teeth, kissed both corners of my mouth. When his tongue teased over my top lip before stealing inside, my heart roared. No matter how I sighed beneath his strong grip, his kiss was unhurried. He pressed his mouth to mine as if time did not exist, or if it did, he couldn’t care less if it left him behind.

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