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Six Sentence Sunday

#sixsunday is from PASSION AROUSED, second in the Aroused series. (HUNGER AROUSED is only two weeks away from being released! Woot!) There may be more coming after this, but lemme finish this one first and cross my fingers my editor wants it. πŸ˜‰

Um, and because today’s scene isn’t too spicy (cut me some slack; they’ve only just met), I’m going to distract you with this pic first. You’re welcome.

The cool night air blasted his face and he almost moaned in pleasure. It felt so good against his skin. He’d begun to burn up, and the night kissed away some of the hurt.

The scent of a nearby garbage bin made his stomach roll again, and this time when his stomach heaved, everything he’d consumed lately spewed forth, covering the ground until it shone crimson. All that blood, gone to waste.

The woman screamed–he still held her hand, needing it like a lifeline–before blazing heat swallowed him whole.

There are some seriously talented authors out there! Go to the official Six Sentence Sunday site to read some snippets from them.