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Six Sentence Sunday

#sixsunday is from a new paranormal work in progress, FIRE IN HIS EYES. It started as a simple m/f romp, but the heroine’s bodyguard decided he wouldn’t be left behind. Now it should be a steamy little menage. Here’s Calista meeting Keagan for the first time. Brandt is her jealous guard.

Across the room, a golden hued man, tall and blond, shifted to follow my motion. The lighted end of a cigarette danced in the darkness hugging him, the illumination not enough to highlight his features for me. All I knew was the way his tight muscles moved like liquid when he repositioned.

A black collared shirt, unbuttoned, barely hiding his chest, floated behind him when he stood suddenly. Wearing black pants he must have painted on before arriving, he took easy, smooth steps toward me.

Brandt stepped in front of me, blocking my view.

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