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Six Sentence Sunday

#sixsunday is from a contemporary interracial I just turned in to my editor. It’s tentatively titled ALL ABOARD. (Sorry–I’m putting Brandt, Keagan, and Calista on hold for the time being. They’re not cooperating with me.) So…what happens when you put co-workers, who also happen to be fierce rivals, in the same sleeping car aboard a train over night?


“I don’t hate you,” he replied quickly. “I hate your sassy mouth, but I’ve got something in mind for shutting it up for a few minutes.”

A little of her spunk started to make a comeback. She’d show him a sassy mouth. “I’ve got your sassy right…” Tasha’s breath whooshed out the second Hayden’s fingers slid over the curve of her breast, found her nipple and squeezed lightly.

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