Six Sentence Sunday, Works in Progress

Six Sentence Sunday

#sixsunday is more from NO GREATER JOY. Porter is still trying to figure out his plan for Joy, because the more he gets to know her, the less sure of himself he becomes.

He’d been semi-erect since she’d started talking about sex. It didn’t take much to get him there while around her. When their lips connected again, his dick sprung to life. Easy boy, he tried to tell himself. But every time Joy made that soft little noise in the back of her throat, or when she slid her hand beneath his shirt to touch his bare skin, his mind became hazy with lust and rational thought evaporated.

His original plan to fuck and leave her had somehow grown fuzzy too.

I haven’t been working on this story for at least a month now. Between two sets of edits and trying to beat a deadline for an anthology call, Porter and Joy have been put on the back burner. Hopefully I’ll get back to them in a couple of weeks. If memory serves, they’d been just about to do the deed when I set them aside. Oops. No wonder they’re not talking to me.

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