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Six Sentence Sunday

#sixsunday today is from my not-so-sekrit D/s story. It’s got a title and all. I know those of you following Joy and Porter will be disappointed that I’ve put them down (again), but I needed a break from that one. And this one y’all is coming easily. You know when that happens, take the ball and run!

So here are the first six lines from this WIP:

My body quivered for a second or two longer before the orgasm I hoped would sweep me under evaporated into the darkness of my bedroom. Blinking against the night, I waited for the need to gulp air, or for my muscles to unclench. Neither occurred. Long minutes passed before I decided the post-climactic high I craved would not be forthcoming.

Disgusted and frustrated, I threw the vibrator aside, neither caring whether it remained on the bed or shattered against cherrywood flooring. When I’d broken up with Rob, I’d promised myself a life of indulgence; this wasn’t it.

There is an insane-crazy number of authors participating in Six Sentence Sunday this week. Go check out some of the awesomeness at the official site here. You may have noticed this is my 51st posting to SSS–that’s because today marks the one year anniversary of this project. Go over to the site to see what prizes are being handed out today…including something from moi!