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Six Sentence Sunday


Not one, but two sooper sekrit projekts are under way! Today’s snippet is from the D/s story I showed you a snippet from last week. After a little bit of IM conversation, Cary and Elliott are meeting for the first time in person.

Heat jumped between us, a sexual awareness. Some sort of attraction I couldn’t be bothered to analyze or explain. The charged conversation last night still hovered, making me all too aware of how tall Elliott stood, the spread of his manicured hands and the lazy drag of his eyelids when they closed.

I’m no teenager who believes in falling in love at first sight. But as a grown woman, capable of recognizing interest that wasn’t one-sided, I let the surges of want pulse through me unchecked. I wanted Elliott.

And guess what y’all? Today’s my birthday. Happy birthday to me! (I’m sure I’ll be feeling generous, so be on the look out for giveaways today on Twitter and Facebook.)

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