Six Sentence Sunday, Works in Progress

Six Sentence Sunday

Today’s #sixsunday comes from sooper sekrit projekt #2. Scooch closer and I’ll tell you the title.



Okay, ready?

It’s called Consumed*. And that’s all I’m saying about it for now. But here’s a little snippet of what’s going on…

Hot damn, she tasted sweet. August swept his tongue deeper inside, hunger for this woman driving him to taste her further. She parted her lips willingly, moaning into the kiss with unabashed fervor. He leaned forward, aching to feel her breasts pressed against him, frustrated too many layers of clothing separated their bodies.

It was hell keeping his hands above her shoulders, so he twisted his fingers, letting those silken strands of hair trap him in place. If he did what his body wanted–what it commanded–she’d find herself spread before him on the table, dress bunched around her waist, kitchen staff and restaurant guests be damned.

If you want to read some more sexy snippets from authors who most likely aren’t working on sooper sekrit projekts, head on over to Six Sentence Sunday official site here.

*Yes, you do know how to see this title. Think about it. I’ll even give you a hint: Use your mouse.