Eye Candy, Six Sentence Sunday

Six Sentence Sunday

#sixsunday is from my sooper sekrit projekt again. I’ve been in editing hell, so haven’t had a chance to work on this one, but hope to be able to have it done, or close to done, by the end of the week. For now, here’s a bit of eye candy, and the heroine having second thoughts.



BTW, this is exactly what the chef in this story looks like. Exactly.

This was such a bad idea. Bad, bad, very bad idea.

From the second his lips touched hers, Saffron should have headed for the door, tail tucked firmly between her legs. She was way out of her element in dealing with August.

But right now her panties were a sodden mess. She wanted more than anything in this world to loosen the buttons on his jacket, peel back the starched material and expose the man underneath.

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