Eye Candy, Six Sentence Sunday

Six Sentence Sunday

#sixsunday this week is still from sooper sekrit projekt which is supposed to be a week from being completed.

[ETA: Okay, this post was actually written last week but thanks to shoddy Internet service (I’m looking at you Westin Bonaventure in L.A.), it didn’t get posted in time. Right now (2:49 am), I’m typing like mad trying to make my deadline,  so I decided to go ahead and post this anyway. So if things don’t make sense, now you know why. Or you’re in a time warp. Whichever.]

*cough* Did I mention that I’m currently at Romantic Times 2011 convention, having a total blast? Even as we speak, I’m in the hotel bar, enjoying a rum and diet Coke–being a “real” author. HAHAHA. (My WIP is open. Promise. Whether or not I’m working on it is another issue altogether.) So without much further ado, here’s hunk of the day and my six sentences.

And every stroke of his tongue against hers, every time he breathed in her sweet air to delve in for another soul-clenching kiss, it was possession he took. August lifted her leg, his hand caressing over hose, rising higher, pushing the damned dress out of his way, higher still. He stood between her legs, heat from her body coaxing him closer. His hand cupping the soft curve of her ass.

Not here, he warned himself again. While his rational mine had one idea, his hands and cock were already two steps ahead.

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