Six Sentence Sunday, Works in Progress

Six Sentence Sunday

#sixsunday is from sekrit projekt number 2. (Number 3 is done.) And I’ll have you know that I’m so dedicated to #sixsunday that I’m setting this up via my phone since I’m out if town. You’re welcome Alas, that means no hottie today. I’ll try to make up for it via my snippet.

Unthinking, I kneeled before him and opened my mouth to engulf the spongy tip.

A gasp left Elliott as I pulled him deep and breathed in his sexual musk. His fingers threaded into my hair and Elliott directed my movement over his length. He thrust into my mouth gently, holding me still as he tested my ability to swallow around him.

Having him hold me for his pleasure this way was at once dirty and thrilling. It became a source of pride to take him further into my throat, holding my breath to accommodate his girth.

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